Prova Pizzabar

Grand Central Terminal • 89 E 42nd St. New York, NY 10017 (212)


First of all, Pizzabar isn’t even a word. Granted neither is bigly, but that apparently didn’t stop 60 million people from voting for Trump, so go figure. But putting aside frivolous things like the the English language, let’s get down to brass tax (which will also be lower under a Trump presidency- sorry, just can’t help myself).

Tucked away in a corner of Grand Central’s lower level you will find a new pizza place on the site where Two Boots used to reside (RIP). So sad too, because this place is nowhere near as good. Granted Two Boots lost a shoe over the years, particularly after they retired the Night Tripper, which was my favorite. Followed by the Bayou Beast. I’m getting all emotional just thinking about it.

As for Prova, it proved to be quite a step down from its predecessor, starting with the most important ding of all, it’s thick crust. WTF?! This isn’t Chicago people! As a result, the dough overwhelms the toppings, particularly on the veggie pie which was virtually tasteless, even with copious sprinklings of red pepper flakes. Slightly better is the namesake pie, the Prova, topped with truffled burrata, cherry tomatoes, arugula and proscuitto. But not even the truffled burrata was good enough to ever bring me back.

2 teeth

La Pizza Cresci

3 quai Saint-Pierre 06400 Cannes, France+33 4 93 39 22 56 •


I’ve been going to Cannes for years and years and whenever I felt myself suffering from French food fatigue, which can be a debilitating condition, my go to was always Vesuvio. But over the years, Vesuvio has been letting itself go like some of the corpulent silverbacks on the beach. Enter La Pizza. On the opposite end of the Croisette, by the harbor, they are serving up a host of different pies, all of them great. Even the mussel pie, which sounds a bit odd, but I honestly still dug it. My favorite, however, was the pepperoni, but the veggie pies and even the regular ole margherita were all solid.

On the downside, the waiters are ginormous assholes. Almost to comedic end, trying to live up to the mythic reputation that the French are rude, which by and large I find to not be the case… Or at least no more than in New York where I live, which might speak to a larger problem, perhaps I have grown desensitized to rude service? But I don’t think so. After all, I most certainly noticed it here. Regardless, it’s still worth going. Just don’t be asking any waiters to take a photo of you and company at your table. He’s likely to chuck your camera in the marina.

3 teeth