415 King St. Chappaqua, NY 10514 • (914) 238-1988 • spoonasianfusion.com


Sadly it appears as though Rice in Armonk closed down. Granted I can’t say I’m surprised considering it was in the most hidden location ever. So, the wife and I decided to give Spoon a try, because we were craving Chinese and Spoon was nice and close.

Now I didn’t actually dine here, however, we only ordered take out, but considering how long I had to wait for my food (more than two and half times the wait they told me on the phone) I felt like I dined there. Which wouldn’t have been such a bad thing as the décor is actually quite nice. But when you are standing around with a five year old in tow, he can only entertain himself with mixer straws and toothpicks for so long.

As for the food that eventually came it was awful. The shrimp dumplings were so mushy and gross I wouldn’t even feed them to my dog. Granted my daughter gobbled them up, but I’m chalking that up to the delirium of sleep deprivation.

The veggie lo mein was equally unpleasant, being that it was greasy and very weak on veggies. A bit shocking that they would skimp on what is essentially one of the cheapest ingredients in restauranthood.

Rising slightly from the abyss was the sesame chicken. Not that it was great mind you, Just typical, and by that I mean passable. Same stuff you’d get from any local Chinese in anywhere USA.

Slightly up from there was the spicy mango beef and a notch up from that was the miso soup- the only thing from the entire meal that would even remotely rise about the line of crap-i-tude.

And adding insult to injury, after all of the horrible food, they didn’t even bother to give us spicy mustard or even friggin’ fortune cookies! Not even napkins or chopsticks. Prices were cheap though, so I guess you get what you pay for. And speaking of getting what you deserve, it probably goes without saying that Spoon is only getting one knife.

In all fairness, however, I haven’t had their sushi (pictured), which is supposedly pretty decent, but after this performance, the thought of eating something uncooked from this place scares me. I’ll stick with Waka, thank you.

1 tooth