Gabriel’s Bar & Restaurant

11 W 60th St. New York, NY 10023 • (212) 956-4600 •


This cozy, not-so-little Italian joint is located right behind the Time Warner Center tucked away in an unassuming façade amidst the far flashier options surrounding it. Inside, the low key vibe makes you feel right at home, even though the décor walks that line of being a touch dressy. Also, the expansive L-shaped dining room seems awfully large for a place that I’m guessing seldom exceeds 50% capacity, so either the rent is killing them or the Cosa Nostra is saving them.

My suspicions toward the latter only grew stronger after trying the short rib tortellini, which was very basic and not the kind of dish that you’d expect to be paying the rent on such exorbitant real estate. On the plus side, the Cabernet by the glass was very good and the service was friendly. And I’m not just saying that because they didn’t kill me. However, my safety may still be in jeopardy because I am only giving them two knives, so if this is the last entry in my blog you’ll know what happened.

2 teeth


10 Columbus Circle 3rd Fl. New York, NY 10019(212)


There are two locations to this place and I definitely prefer the one uptown. First of all, the size makes it MUCH easier to get a table. But secondly, it’s right next to Bouchon Bakery so you can pick up a few “gifts” on the way home.

Decor is nice and service has always been great here. My only gripe is that the food isn’t all that. Most dishes are good at best, and several things on the menu are just “eh.”  For example the burger (pictured). My favorite part of coming here is actually for the mini desserts (little one bite wonders). It’s fun to get one of everything and share.

Net, net it’s more like 2.5 knives, so I wouldn’t rush here, but if you happen to be shopping in the Time Warner Center, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than your other options, except maybe for Jamba Juice in the Whole Foods.

3 teeth