Petit Poulet

52 W 33rd St. New York, NY 10001 • (212) 244-0440


The pickens are pretty slim when it comes to lunch in Herald Square. In fact, in Manhattan it’s kinda become the land that restaurateurs forgot, which puts ole Ferocious smack dab between a rock and hard to find a friggin’ place to eat place. And that’s not for a lack of trying.

My most recent attempt being this bistro-hopeful that seemed to start off on all the right feet with its classic décor, good service, reasonable rose and tres yummy charcuterie board complete with Roquefort, Camembert, cornichon, soppressata, mustard, jam, olives, grapes, fresh baguette, etc…

The other starter, the hummus and pita, was less obvious for bistro fare and wouldn’t have been my choice to order, but Morocco is a stone’s throw, so I let it slide. It’s just okay though, as to be expected. What wasn’t to be expected from my little chicken that could, was the palliard salad being as dry as Morocco. Far inferior to that of The Palm or The Standard Grill.

For dessert, the chicken choked, serving up a bizarre attempt at profiteroles that were more like ginormous balls of vanilla ice cream with teeny-weeny beanie caps of pastry on top and bottom. Flavor-wise they were still good, but as you can imagine, horribly off balance and tasting more like just a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Whereas the tart tatin was much more contained in size, but didn’t quite get there in flavor or texture, because the crust got very sogged down by the sugary innards of the tart and the choice of granny smith apples didn’t quite manifest in the contrast I think they were hoping for. And as a result, I actually found myself preferring the dysfunctional, obese profiteroles.

So for now I’m going with two knives, because the misses out-weighed the hits, but if I were grading on a curve based on the options in the area, I’d say it’s probably more like a three.

2 teeth

The Standard Grill

848 Washington St. New York, NY 10014(212) 645-4100 •


Decor and service were both great. LOVE the pennied floor and the scalloped tile ceiling.

As for the food (brunch), the portabella mushroom sandwich was the stand alone winner. Absolutely delicious. Granted the arugula salad it comes with leaves much to be desired… For example, the fact that I even called it a “salad” is being VERY generous, as it’s really just a pile of arugula.

The octopus app was the next best thing. A solid good. Not amazing.

The chicken palliard was just okay, but it’s not like it’s ever an incredible dish or anything. Still, the dressing could’ve stood to be a little more lemony or something.

And last but not least, the bread pudding dessert, of which I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur (French for “snob”)- and thus, this fell very short. Didn’t even bother to finish it. Granted it’s not bad, but not exactly worth the calories either.

3 teeth