The Cannibal

113 E 29th St. New York, NY 10016 • (212) 686-5480

Cool vibe. Amazing beer selection. And solid meat-lovers’ fare, as the name might imply.

Per the votes of fellow Yelpers, we followed in their footsteps for better and for worse. The better was definitely the lamb tartar. My favorite of the meal.

Next would be the hot dogs. Quite respectable, with a nice twist on toppings.

Third would be the Thai sausage. Unfortunately a little too repetitive to the dogs in flavor, so I would recommend an either/or scenario.

And now for the worse… The cubano (AKA Pig’s Head sammy) was just “eh.” It was woefully lacking in mustard, which threw the whole thing off balance. It just pales in comparison to the likes of Rocket Pig or West Branch. Or even Sophie’s. Wouldn’t even crack my top 100 cubanos.

But all in all, a solid showing. Just not the 4 or 5 stars people are throwing down. So I’m giving it three, knives that is. Just like its sibling Resto.

3 teeth