110 E 23rd St. New York, NY 10010 • (212)


I’ve only ordered from here, so this review excludes service and decor.

So as for the food, what I got was just okay, not great. Grilled veggies on ciabatta with herbed goat cheese, minestrone soup and the oatmeal cookies. The best of the 3 was definitely the sandwich, which, as I already suggested, wasn’t exactly life altering. It was passable sustenance.  The ciabatta being a little too doughy- missing that crunchy outer shell.

And as for the soup, it was rather bland. As was the cookie. Both the kinds of things you fear when you order from a place that prides itself on healthy eating. But the thing about healthy is that it’s also simple. And when something is simple, it’s all about the ingredients. No sauces to hide behind. No mayo or deep frying. So, if you want healthy AND flavor I suggest walking a few blocks over to Terri, Sweetgreen or Blue Dog. All three are better. And there are several others too. Yes, so many magnifique options in the area, to ever venture back to Organique.

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Baked by Melissa

Everywhere in New York City that there isn’t already a Starbucks or a Chase

When Melissa first hit the scene at her hole-in-the-wall location in Soho, I thought, “hey, what a great idea!” Tiny, bite-sized cupcakes, because sometimes all we want is a little hit of sweet. Not a gut bomb of sugary commitment.

Now, while the rest of this review might sound like the bitter rantings of someone who should’ve invested when they had the chance, that’s honestly the most I can admit about her cupcakes. Because while her business model is genius, her cupcakes- not so much.

Usually dry, they basically taste like shrunken down versions of Crumbs, which I’m also not a fan of. It’s like someone one day decided that cupcakes weren’t desert-y enough being just cake with frosting on top, so they decided to cram a bunch of other desserts in ’em, making them so friggin’ sweet you’ll practically be begging for an insulin shot, even if you’re not a diabetic.

I much prefer the likes of Buttercup, Magnolia and Terri for my cakes of the cupping kind.

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1164 Broadway New York, NY 10001(646) 449-8884 •


While I find the line to get into this place both absurd and unworthy, I do have to say that the food is actually pretty good. Fresh, healthy- Just not worth waiting in that line for. And we’re not talking like Chop’t, whose line actually moves quickly. We’re talking DMV. I mean, c’mon people, it’s salad, not a cronut!

Of the things I’ve had, 3 salads and 3 juices, I can say that all of the salads have been good. Juices, however, are much better at Terri and Juice Press (also in the hood). But of the salads, my favorite is the “wild rice bowl,” with no modifications. It’s so different from anything else in the “fast salad category,” if that subset even exists. Served warm with chicken and apple and goat cheese. It’s better than it sounds. Anyways, all of the salads leave you feeling full and guilt free. If only the experience were aggravation free between the long line and the fact that you have to remember to get your own napkins and utensils.

There is a way to make the line marginally less painful if you order ahead. Then the wait is only annoyingly long as opposed to ridiculously-wanna-punch-someone-in-the-crotch-stupid-long.

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The Ultimate Cupcake


Terri – New York, NY

I’m bracing myself for the flack I’m about to catch on this one, but there is literally only one cupcake that makes my list and it isn’t where you think it is. Not Crumbs. Not Molly’s. Not Baked by Melissa or Buttercup or even Magnolia… It’s at Terri in New York City (23rd St. near 6th Ave.).

But, the most shocking thing about this is that Terri is actually a vegan, health food joint. Now I implore you not to get judgy. This cupcake is all that, without all THAT other crap that makes the other cupcakes the gut bombs that they are.

And this cupcake is every bit as good as its sugary brethren, without the guilt. Without the grains of refined poison grating against your teeth like sandpaper. Without the feeling that you just consumed a small dog.

Now, please keep in mind I am not a health nut. I eat my share of horrendously bad things for me. But at the end of the day, good is good. And great is undeniable. And there is no denying that Terri’s straight up chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting stands alone as the only cupcake worthy of my love.