The King & I

7098 Hodgson Memorial Dr. Savannah, GA 31406(912)


The name of this place had me feeling all nostalgic as I entered, because way back in the late 70’s/early 80’s the very first Thai restaurant I ever tried was a place called The King and I in Boston and I remember loving the pad thai out it! That said, this place has no relation to the one in Boston. And I mean NO relation. From service to décor to food, this place is like the Danny Devito to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Twins.

Starting at the biggest pain point, the service is horribly slow. As is the kitchen. And even the dishwashers apparently, either that or they are oddly stingy with their silverware, causing us to not only ask multiple times for serving spoons and knives, but even having to debate the necessity of the utensils with our server.

But as you know, I can forgive a lot if the food is great. Unfortunately I was given very few reasons to make amends. Both the Summer and Spring rolls were decent, but that’s somewhat to be expected. I’m not sure I ever recall having bad ones.

And as for the main dishes, the pad Thai was oily (pictured), the panang scallops were over-cooked, the green curry with chicken was okay and the chicken with broccoli was rather bland.

Sigh. I miss Boston.

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Pig & Khao

68 Clinton St. New York, NY 10002 • (212)


I have only eaten at the Madison Eats representation, but what I had while respectable, was also not quite as worthy of the praise it’s been getting on the street.

The Bahn Mi is solid. The meat perfectly moist and the roll very nice in texture. But the flavors from the rest of the toppings just didn’t seem to cut through, so it ended up tasting like meat, bread and Sriracha. Granted there are worse things I suppose, but there are also better Bahn Mi sandwiches.

And as for the spring rolls, while delicious, they are so damn oily I couldn’t help but feel I was drinking a bottle of Soul Glo from “Coming to America.”

But to judge them by such a myopic sampling seems a touch unfair, so please take this review with a grain of oil- er, I mean salt.

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15 E 17th St. New York, NY 10003 (212) 206-8989 •


When you enter Laut, you can’t help but like it, with its exposed brick, colorful murals and Prozac jolly waiters. And at lunch, the value gives you even more to like with soup or salad, shumai or spring rolls. On top of your main. Not literally. Actually laid out quite nicely in a bento box next to each other.

But as euphoric as the waiter was, unfortunately I didn’t have what he was having (to quote “When Harry Met Sally”). The Malaysian noodles were too greasy and not even close to spicy, as described by server and menu alike.

On the uptick, the soup and shumai were both very good, but the salad was just okay and the Singha was a bit flat, so back we slid into the two-knife mire. And while I’d almost consider 2.5/3, it’s hard to do when you have Republic and Rohm right around the corner, both of which are better.

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The Slanted Door

1 Ferry Bldg. Ste 3 San Francisco, CA 94111(415) 861-8032 •


Incredible location with a killer view of The Bay. Cool decor and good service. And for those who say it’s pricey, I can’t agree. At least not by NYC standards. The name sounds a touch on the racist side however, but since no one else seems offended by it I guess I’ll roll.

The food, depending on what you order, can also be impressive, which inherently implies it’s a bit hit and miss. For example:

Vegetarian spring roll: miss
Slanted Door roll: miss
Imperial roll: Oh My Fucking Good!
BBQ Ribs: Solid
Clams app: blah
Squid App: Killiscious!
Spicy vermicelli: Just okay.
Lemongrass Chicken: Eh.
Catfish: Best of all

So, my advice, order wisely. Or order a lot. We obviously did, but to be fair their were six of us, including Biz Stone. Not that he eats a lot. This is jus a gratuitous name drop to boost the views of this post. But it is true. He was there. And hopefully he will retweet the review, assuming he agrees with it.

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