18 W 23rd St. New York, NY10010(212) 256-1072 • oxido.nyc


I struggle to love this place simply because I don’t understand why you would copy Chipotle only to deliver slightly under that bar. I mean at least with Tres Carnes they upped the game. Or with Indikitch they went Indian instead of Mexican.

Oxido is not bad, mind you. And, it’s closer to my office than Chipotle or Tres Carnes, which is a nice convenience after the epically shitty winter we just had. But once, or rather IF the ice ever thaws, I think Oxido will struggle to keep their doors open through the warmer months.

Reason being that their menu reads better than your palate can discern. Things like poblano chicken, sweet corn relish, cilantro guac, smoked jalapeno salsa, queso blanca and salsa fresca all sound like a who’s who of Mexican magnificence, but once they wrap it all up in that tortilla it all blends together like a Mex-o-matic with virtually no separation in flavors.

Lastly, the décor is nothing special and a bit of a subway car in shape, located on the gravesite of Energy Kitchen (RIP), which I affectionately used to refer to as “Cardboard Kitchen,” so at least this is a step above its predecessor. Unfortunately, that isn’t saying much.

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