6 Bond St. New York, NY 10012 • (212) 777-2500 •

I went here after hearing so much hype and, as always, hype is a dangerous thing, because Bond didn’t even come close. Sure, they talk the talk, from the pretentious service to the sleek décor- but the prices are just obnoxious (as if they were shaved truffles as opposed to raw fish) and the sushi is nothing special. Nothing you couldn’t just get at Mottsu down the street, but at a third the price. Oh, and Mottsu would have bigger pieces.

That said, Bond did excel at one thing. The sushi pieces might win the award for the smallest I have ever seen (Hatsuhana coming in a distant second). So small, you might actually question whether or not you accidentally ordered of the children’s menu. So small the picture above was probably taken with a macro lens. I have several more small jokes, but I’ll spare you.

The place isn’t bad, mind you, and if you have money to blow and simply want to be “seen,” then Bondst should do the trick.

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