Nick San

Blvd. Marina lote 10 local 2 plaza de la Danza Cabo San Lucas, MX • (624) 14 324 91 •

Clean modern décor. Friendly service. And best of all, a taste of Mexico, without the same old shit stuffed in a tortilla or taco shell. After all, you can only eat so many tacos, burritos, enchiladas, fajitas and quesadillas before you realize it’s all the same ingredients just reshuffled around in different configurations.

So, this was a nice change of pace, without being a total departure from its roots. What I mean by that is that while Nick San is definitely Japanese, there is a Mexican twist on many dishes. For example, the Tuna Sashimi served on a tostada with avocado. It was excellent. Or the yellowtail served in a basil herb sauce that was light and refreshing. Or the baked lobster roll with mango. The yellowtail with Serrano peppers and yuzu sauce. Everything was great. And not just as an escape. If this place were in NYC, I’d happily go. Often.

4 teeth