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I know it seems absolutely dreadful that I went all the way to Turkey to eat at a place I could have also dined at back home in New York, but we were in the Marina craving Italian and we weren’t about to throw down our life savings to eat at Cipriani (which I could also have in NY- just sayin’) , nor was it an option to sit anywhere near those obnoxious squawking parrots and macaws. So, that left us with Mezzaluna, which isn’t exactly the coolest place in the Marina, but that didn’t seem to be hurting their business any, because the place was packed. I recommend going on the earlier side if you want to sit on the roof and have the better view.

But the fact that they were so packed only made it that much more surprising how good the service was. Our waiter was friendly, calm, attentive and accommodating. I know this sounds rather basic, but to draw more attention as to just how accommodating, he moved our table to an area were there were no tables, just to shield us from all of the kids at nearby tables, since it was just wifey and I. Then, when the mosquitoes started to attack, he fetched us bug spray. And when my wife got cold, he cuddled with her. KIDDING. I was just seeing if you were paying attention.

As for the food, the panzanela salad was a bit of a miss. Pretty basic and not all that flavorful. Whereas both the pizza and the rigatoni proved to be pretty damn skippy for Turktalian. Perhaps that’s the upside of having roots back in good ole NYC.

The rigatoni is Sicilian style with beef tenderloin and eggplant in a nice red sauce that is only made nicer by the addition of chili oil- so be sure to ask for some. And the pizza was the Salsiccia. Part veal sausage, part green peppers and caramelized onion, and 100% all right, all right (to be read like Matthew McConaughey).

So nothing epic, to be fair, but it held its own against the likes of Vespa, which is the only other pizza place I trust in the Bodrum area. And our server really did go above and beyond, pulling in one extra knife for Mezzaluna all by his big, bad self.

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124 N Park Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789(407)


Apparently this is quite the hotspot for middle-aged singles. That said, I wasn’t there in the evening to witness such entertainment, nor am I on the market as a middle-aged single to appreciate it. But if I were, not sure a pizza place would be where I’d go.

That said, the pizza and the décor are well worth appreciating. I split two pies with a friend, the Diavolo and the Salsiccia and both were very good. My favorite being the Salsiccia, which was a recommendation by our waiter who was quite knowledgeable about everything on the menu down to the slightest nuances of each preparation (which allowed me to forgive the fact that he was afflicted with chronic clumsiness).

And being right on Park Ave, the location can’t be beat. A great place to stop during a busy shopping jaunt.

And word on the street is that their pastas are also quite good. And that their chicken wings are redonkulous. But that’s only hearsay, so don’t actually take it from me. Same goes for the dating scene, so don’t write me nasty letters if you don’t get lucky.

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