Serendipity 3

225 E 60th St. New York, NY 10022(212)


Two words: Frozen Hot Chocolate (pictured). Okay so that’s technically three words, but once you take a sip you won’t care because your lips will be pursed around that straw so tight you’d think you were trying to give it a hickey. And while some may discount it as a glorified chocolate milkshake I would argue that the absence of ice cream makes all the difference, making it icier and lighter than a shake. And while I could practically do a dissertation on the frozen hot chocolate itself, I will spare you, because there are other things worthy of mention at Serendipity as well.

For one, the décor. It has an eclectic, artistic vibe about it, mixed with a touch of shabby, a dash of Victorian and a pinch of bohemian. And I know some call it touristy, but I actually don’t find it to be so. It has been this way for ages. Way before the crowds started pouring in. It’s not like a cheesy theme restaurant in my opinion. I think people just chalk it up as such, now that it has become such a tourist attraction.

Speaking of attractions, the sandwiches are also pretty money. Both the Virginia Slim and the Summer Bries are terrific. The former is made with turkey and asparagus on wheat bread with Russian dressing and melted Jarlsberg. The latter is also turkey, but with, you guessed it, brie. And apples, sprouts and again Russian dressing (seem to have a thing for it here) set between slices of raisin pumpernickel.

So, here’s my advice. If you’re in town, shopping at Bloomingdale’s down the street, pop in here for lunch. And in the summer, be sure to get the frozen hot chocolate. Scratch that. Even if it’s 40 below outside get the frozen hot chocolate.

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