Little Barn

1050 Post Rd EWestport, CT 06880 • (203) 557-8501 •

I dig the roadhouse vibe of this place, but unlike the Patrick Swayze movie, this one dispenses with the bikers and the topless women and replaces them with a setting that’s civil enough to take the kids. Service is also kid-friendly and attentive. Making it a solid go-to for a family dinner with the young’uns.

I partook in the Shroom Burger, which I have to say was very good. Everything you would want, but nothing more than you might expect. Served with decent helping of sweet potato fries that’ll hit the spot.

The fish tacos were messy as all get out and lacking in the salsa/heat department, but the fish was perfectly cooked, so at least there’s that. Not the place I would go for Tex-Mex though when you’ve got Bar Taco just up the road.

For beer, I tried the Mama’s Yella Pils, a Czech inspired pilsner that could use a little more inspiration, because it ain’t no Urquell or Staropramen.

Hit and miss for certain, but I’m definitely a fan… in the right context.

The Black Cat Tavern

165 Ocean St. Hyannis, MA 02601(508)


So, this Father’s Day I decided to treat my Ferocious Father for a nice brunch with the family. But from the moment we walked in I knew we were in trouble. The place literally looks a boathouse inside. And not the quaint, charming updated kind. The kind you’d actually store a boat in. So, immediately we asked for a table outside, after all, we did have a reservation. Well, no dice. Outside was packed, and rightly so, because I have no idea why anyone would want to sit inside.

There we sat in uncomfortably large booths that made the dark dining room even darker as they tower over us, blocking out what little you could see of the gorgeous day outside.

Fortunately our server was very friendly so no complaints there. The food, however, was tragic. Which is a bit shocking considering it’s the same owner as The Roadhouse. Well, this place is more like Roadkill. Everything tasted like cheap motel food. The lobster asparagus omelet was overcooked and came with soggy store-bought toast, rubbery lobster and asparagus that tasted like green cylinders of nothing.

The crab cake benny wasn’t much better. Fortunately the eggs were perfectly poached, but the cakes were way too mushy to hold up against the H sauce and egg yolk. So, as a result, it turned into a pile of mush, desperately in need of some contrasting texture, like the crunch of a well toasted English muffin or country bread.

The winner of the day, and by winner I mean best of the worst, came from my kids. The Nutella French Toast. Not that it was anything special. Still made with store-bought bread, not even soaked through. But when you’ve got Nutella smothered over the top of virtually anything, plus maple syrup and strawberries, you’ve pretty much guaranteed yourself a smile.

And last but not least, the spicy Bloody Mary. It was just okay. But at least it had vodka in it to help calm my frustration at the missed opportunity to take my Dad somewhere nice

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