Astoux and Brun

27 Rue Félix Faure, 06400 Cannes, France • +33 4 93 39 98 94 •

There are two or three Astoux and Brun’s. One is farther up the hill. One is more to the East (with black signage). And one is awesome. The one with the green signage right on the corner at the bottom of the hill near Old Cannes. Skip the other two. Trust me. Green means go.

Scratch that. Green means go CRAZY! Eat seafood like you are trying to deplete the ocean. It’s all so good. The shrimp, the oysters, the snails, the lobster, the branzino. You can’t miss.

And the energy of the place is a lot of fun. Go with a good group, order lots of rosé and then prepare to get finger lickin’ messy.

4 teeth

L & W Oyster Co.

254 5th Ave. New York, NY 10001(212) 203-7772 •


I literally hate writing this review, because the more praise this place gets, the harder it’s going to be to get in.

But, I have to give credit where credit is due, and man is it due. LOVE this place (hard to believe it’s related to Almond, which is an ugly step sister compared to to L&W). The decor is quaint, yet contemporary. Fun, with a touch of cool. Service is usually great. And the Lobster BLT is insanely good. Possibly the best sandwich in the area, and that’s saying a lot with so many great sammys in the Flatiron. I think it’s the Sriracha. The Short Rib sandwich is also good, but only with addition of hot sauce. Otherwise it falls far shorter to its lobster brethren. Too much of one note. Oh- and even the little side of mustardy cous cous with dried cranberries is excellent.

On other visits I have to say they do some pretty incredible salads as well. Like their fried oyster salad and an inventive take on a Caesar, using frisee and brussel sprouts as opposed to romaine- just awesome.

They also do a great job of serving up some wonderfully fresh raw oysters. And at dinner they have a killer octopus app with saffron that I highly recommend.

The beer on tap is solid. Granted a small selection, but solid nonetheless.

The only hiccup they have going is dessert. The apple cobbler is soggy- zero crunch, which is a cobbler must IMO. And the chocolate brownie was just eh, quite literally Pret’s brownie blows it away. That said, at dinner they fare much better. The sorbet and sticky toffee cake are both pretty good, but they are still not at the level of everything else.

So close to five knives, but my advice to you, skip dessert and you’ll be VERY happy. My advice to L&W, hire a new dessert chef.

4 teeth