210 Elizabeth St. New York, NY 10012 • (212)


I think a lot of the reviews on Yelp are getting hung up on the decor, which is really well worth the 4 or 5 stars people are dropping on this place. But I’ve eaten here three times and not once has the food been great. Good maybe, but not four plus stars. And with good food, and an amazing decor you’d think my review would be higher right? Well, that would be because of the service. We were treated so rudely the last time we were there that I will never go back again.

With a reservation for brunch, they made us wait nearly TWO HOURS for a table. First because our entire party wasn’t there yet- I hate that shit. Such a typical American, all-about-the-numbers mentality that makes you feel as welcome as you do in traffic court. They don’t do this in any other country I’ve ever been to, and I’m guessing it’s because they think it’s a shitty way to treat customers.

Oh, the other reason it took so long to get our table is because once our party was finally there, they put us in a backroom waiting area and forgot about us. Meanwhile they kept seating other parties ahead of us even though they came in later, assumingly because they were friends of staff, VIP, or because the hosts were just raging assholes.

At this point it seems almost silly to talk about the food, because after I reamed the hostess I’m sure she probably spit in whatever I was having. On the plus side, my wife really seamed to enjoy the Turkish eggs (pictured), so there’s a worthy tip for ya.

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