Buttermilk Bakery

1198 Orange AveWinter Park, FL 32789 • (321) 422-4015 • buttermilk-bakery.com

The Battle of the Brunch is over! No more must you endure the challenges of getting a table at The Briar Patch (albeit very worthy). There is finally another game in town with a pretty killer breakfast. But like Solla Sollew, it’s not entirely without its problems, so don’t get your hopes too, too high.

First of all, you’re gonna have to drive ( a few minutes) because it’s not on Park Avenue. Second, the menu for prepared food is VERY small. And worse still, they are militant about when they start to serve it, promptly at 11am. So, if you get there prior, grab a table and wait. Or you can feel free to gorge yourself on the plentiful baked goods that are readily available from the moment they open their doors.

Once the clock strikes eleven, this charming little place fills up like a clown car (hence why you want to get there beforehand to earmark a table), and for good reason, the food, for the most part, is quite good. The best of which are the cloud-like, fluffy apple pancakes. Best thing we had. Also decent is the veggie frittata, although it was a little over-salted if you ask me.

And as I mentioned, from the baked goods, we had the cinnamon donut holes, which were just okay, but to be fair I don’t think are truly representative of the other things in the case.

Croissant Gourmet

120 E Morse BlvdWinter Park, FL 32789 • (407) 622-7753

Any place called Croissant Gourmet is either overstating their offering to lure suckers in (like me), or they are so unbelievably confident in their product that they didn’t spend more than five minutes thinking up a name for their bakery. Well, one bite in and I can assure you the reason is the latter, because their almond croissants are the stuff upon which empires are built. A flaky, almond, crescent-shaped masterpiece that would bring tears to Napoleon’s eyes.

Speaking of empires, that’s the other thing I love about this place. It isn’t one. And sadly that’s what 80% of Park Avenue has become, an outdoor shopping mall filled with chain store empires. Long gone are the charms of mom ‘n pops and boutiques. So please give the few stragglers all the love you can. Binge mightily on their croissants and perhaps one day that demand will help transform Park Ave. back into its glory of yore.

A word of caution: don’t eat too many croissants, not just for health reasons, but so that Croissant Gourmet doesn’t blow up and turn into a chain itself, because it would defeat the purpose.


124 N Park Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789(407) 262-0050prato-wp.com


Apparently this is quite the hotspot for middle-aged singles. That said, I wasn’t there in the evening to witness such entertainment, nor am I on the market as a middle-aged single to appreciate it. But if I were, not sure a pizza place would be where I’d go.

That said, the pizza and the décor are well worth appreciating. I split two pies with a friend, the Diavolo and the Salsiccia and both were very good. My favorite being the Salsiccia, which was a recommendation by our waiter who was quite knowledgeable about everything on the menu down to the slightest nuances of each preparation (which allowed me to forgive the fact that he was afflicted with chronic clumsiness).

And being right on Park Ave, the location can’t be beat. A great place to stop during a busy shopping jaunt.

And word on the street is that their pastas are also quite good. And that their chicken wings are redonkulous. But that’s only hearsay, so don’t actually take it from me. Same goes for the dating scene, so don’t write me nasty letters if you don’t get lucky.

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