Pomme Palais

New York Palace Hotel • 30 E 51st St. New York, NY 10022(212) 888-7000 • http://www.lottenypalace.com/dining/pomme-palais


Midtown has no shortage of great patisseries, but please add one more to the list, located inside the New York Palace Hotel, and loaded with some of the best eclairs (pictured), tarts and danishes one could ever hope to pork out on. Everything is so diet-cheating good, you will be 10,000 calories in the hole before you even know what hit your waistline. But things are not just a feast for the stomach, Pomme will have your eyes drooling as well, with treats so stunningly designed you almost feel guilty biting into them, like gnawing on the side of the Mona Lisa.

They also have a handsome array of savory options as well, and an assortment of interesting teas and coffee to wash them down with, but I can’t vouch for any of them, nor how deep the bench is here, but of the four desserts I did try, all were merveilleux! That’s apparently good according to Google Translate.

Even the store itself is a jewel, making you feel as if Louis Vuitton has gone into the restaurant business or something. So skip Paris Baguette and Le Pain Quotidien down the street and fork over the extra coin for something well worth it. In fact, I love this place so much I’ll probably be upping it to five knives soon, after a little more “research.” Mmmm… research…

4 teeth


Rue 57

60 W 57th St. New York, NY 10019 • (212) 307-5656 rue57.com


In midtown most of the options for a nice, sit-down breakfast/brunch are either crazy expensive or Ess-a-bagel. Fortunately, Rue fills this void rather nicely, otherwise you’d have to hop in cab to get your brunch on. Unless you consider Starbucks, Le Pain Quotidien or Paris Baguette as nice… or sit down.

I know a lot of people find the service to be rude and pretentious, but I’m just going to chalk that up to them being tourists. It is NYC after all. I have eaten here several times and don’t find the wait staff to be anything out of the norm for the city. And speaking of tourists, this place kinda begs for that clientele, being that it’s the size of most places that typically scream tourist trap, but even so, I personally find that they manage to keep the bistro vibe well in tact.

On the food front, while it is certainly nothing to run down 57th Street singing about, neither is Pastis (RIP) or Balthazar IMO. If you want transcendent morning grub try Norma’s, Clinton Street Baking Co., Cookshop or Upland. Rue, on the other hand, is solid, middle of the road eating. Same goes for lunch. Never been for dinner. So, if you are in the hood and can’t get in to some of the other brunch legends down the street, or simply don’t feel like paying over 50 bucks a person for breakfast, then Rue 57 is your place. The burger is nice and the fries are very good. The eggs dishes are all box checkers and so is the sweeter fare like pancakes and French Toast. The shocker of the menu, however, would be the sushi. Yes, this French named and styled bistro is actually Asian at its roots, so if you should happen to be craving a little raw fish in the wee hours, well, Rue has you covered there too.

3 teeth

Miss Korea BBQ

10 W 32nd St. (3rd Fl) New York, NY 10001 • (212) 594-4963 • misskoreabbq.com

miss Korea BBQ

This was my second foray into the culinary world that is Korean BBQ. The first being more than 7 years ago, which would imply that I didn’t like it, but that’s actually not the case at all. I enjoyed it a great deal. Both times. Just not SO incredible that I had to rush back, apparently. That said, I would definitely go back to Miss Korea, hopefully sooner than another 7 years.

The decor is clean and contemporary, right down to the sleek metal chopsticks, which are cool, but a bitch to use, and I’m pretty good with chopsticks. There is one oddity however, in the form of a flat screen smack dab in the middle of the dining room, playing Korean TV. Which started off distracting, but ended up mesmerizing.

Service was friendly and attentive, but perhaps that’s because we were with someone who spoke fluent Korean. Prices are very reasonable, or at least for lunch they are.

As for the food, the star of the meal for me, by far, was the squid with noodles. If I was rating that dish alone, I’d probably go 4 knives. The BBQ was good too, but there were a few too many missed notes- for example, multiple bones in my pork belly and I also wished the kimchi had more kick in its chi.

And last but not least, one other little plus- they are right next to Paris Baguette, a French/Korea bakery that is AWESOME for dessert.

3 teeth