Finalmente Trattoria

31 Beekman Ave. Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591 • (914) 909-4787


It certainly helps to come here with a healthy dose of skepticism, because 4/4.5 stars it ain’t. In fact, less than a handful of restaurants in all of Westchester are worthy of that kind of praise.

That said, Finalmente did give a solid showing. The dining room is cozy and tastefully done. And the menu is loaded with some very unique preparations.

For apps I had the suckling pig stuffed mushrooms with black truffles and chickpeas, which was a solid yum. The other app we had was a pseudo salad served with giant balls of breadcrumb-dusted cheese and a chianti jelly, which I also quite liked.

Next came the pastas. Both were perfectly al dente. I had the wild boar ragu and wifey had the straw pasta with peas, pancetta, and… I forget. Both were good, but I think mine was a tad more interesting.

And for dessert, we did the ole standby, gelato. The chocolate is AMAZING! Not sure if they make it or just buy it, but WOW! Actually, if they do buy it and you know from where, please do tell?

Unfortunately, the chocolate gelato was the only “wow” thing of the meal. But everything else was a very respectable “good,” and nothing was bad.

Service, however, was a tad off. Pleasant for sure, but pulled a few cardinal sins. The biggest one being that he came and took the bill while we were still seated at the table. A huge no, no if you are trying to play in the leagues of 4 and 5 stars.

The other nit would be no bread/olive oil. Pretty rare at an Italian joint to leave you without a single nosh until your apps arrive. Heck, even the Olive Garden gives you unlimited salad & bread sticks. What’s with the no hospitaliano.

So, as I said before, 4.5 stars (or in my case knives) is a bit of a stretch, but for 3.5 it’s pretty perfecto!

3 teeth