Avalon Restaurant

Kungstorget 9, Gothenburg SE-411 17, Sweden • 004631 751 02 00 • http://www.avalonhotel.se/

While the hotel itself was just renovated in 2007 somehow the décor felt much more dated, the restaurant included. That said, its carbon-dating happened to be from a period (mid-century) that I fancy, so I really shouldn’t complain. And as for service it’s a tad slow, but friendly.

Now on to the vittles. First, let’s start with lunch, because that was the first meal I ate here, and by meal I mean mountain… of shrimp. I believe they call it a sandwich on the menu, but I assure you it’s a mountain. So much to that I defy anyone to reach bread inside of five bites straight down. It’s served open face and I’m guessing that somewhere in the fathoms below lurks a crouton, or something. Hard to tell through the heaps of baby shrimp. But was it good, you ask? It was just okay. The proportions, as you can imagine, were way off.

As for dinner, they fared much better. The veal tartar starter, for example, was quite good, accompanied by bits of pickled pumpkin which truly made the dish.

The mushroom pasta was also good, but a bit heavier than one might expect from a veggie dish, so dieters beware.

And last but not least, the blackberry sorbet is, well… it’s blackberry sorbet. It’s not like anyone does cartwheels over blackberry sorbet, but it hit the spot as a refreshing closer to a solid meal.

3 teeth


4040 Central Florida Pkwy. Orlando, FL 32837 • (407) 393-4444grandelakes.com/Primo-78.html


Hotel food is always a dicey proposition at best. And a Marriott restaurant, dicier still, even if it is of the JW variety, case in point my review of Citron, the other place in this hotel. So, with low expectations in hand, I have to say, Primo sailed over them.

Some of the highlights were the mushroom pasta with scallops, my favorite thing of the night, and the tilefish entrée. Perfectly cooked and rich with the flavors of its preparation.

A few other apps on the table ranged from good to just okay. And the dessert ranged from skip it to… well, skip it. In fact, I just wouldn’t get dessert- not worth the calories or cost. But if you must, the budino was the best of the lot (basically a molten chocolate cake).  So a note to Primo, your pastry chef should be firedo.

Service was good. Décor is nice. And the wine list is very solid. So all in all, while a touch hit and miss, the net net is that Primo is yumo.

3 teeth