Aberdeen Seafood & Dim Sum

3 Barker Ave. White Plains, NY 10601 • (914) 288-0188 • aberdeenwhiteplains.com/index.html


This place is the real deal. Down and dirty (emphasis on dirty). Locals only. And by that I mean we were the only honkies in the joint. Which is usually a good sign that you’re in for a nice plate of authenticity.

What isn’t such a good sign, however, is that it’s located in a Marriott hotel and the fish tanks that line the entrance are all brightly lit- kinda cruel for your more nocturnal sea creatures, such as lobsters, but then again, they are about to be eaten, so who really cares I suppose.

On the plus side, the fish tanks make for a highly engaging distraction with the kids while you wait for the food to come. But just wait until you have to pry them away to eat. It’s as if they learned a thing or two from the octopus and grew suction cups on their face to keep it stuck to the glass.

As for the food, there are only two ways to go here, dim sum (only served for lunch), because their dumplings are killer (if we had stuck with these, I might go 4 knives). Or seafood, as the wall of fish tanks might imply. And if you look around at what all the regulars are ordering, it’s pretty much fish across the board.

If, however, you choose to stray off of the recommended path, I think you will come to regret it (I speak from experience), because the chicken lo mein and orange beef were both oily as hell, like any number of other Chinese restaurants you’ve probably tried, with the exception of a scant few such as Rice in Armonk (RIP), Chin Chin, Shun Lee, China Grill and from what I hear, Han Dynasty. Still on my wish list if anyone wants to take me. Hint, hint.

Lastly, the service it’s definitely friendly, but not very thorough, which I found pretty unforgivable considering we were only one of two tables in the entire place for at least the first half of our meal.

2 teeth

Cooper’s Mill

670 White Plains Rd. Tarrytown, NY 10591 • (914) 333-1216 • coopersmillrestaurant.com

Unfortunately we got duped into coming here via an Amazon Local Deal, not realizing the place was in a Marriott Hotel- which would’ve been a big enough red flag to warrant a pass on the deal. That said, the menu really does read well. But regrettably that would be just the menu. The preparations, for whatever reason, just don’t translate to taste. Virtually everything we had would be exactly what you’d expect from a massive hotel chain restaurant.

The salad, flatbread, fish and ice cream were all underwhelming. The only thing that rose to a level of okay, would be the burger. But not even the burger was worth the trip.

And the egg nog ice cream was flat out disgusting. Tasted like a bird was dying in my mouth.

On a plus note, our server was excellent. Oh, and I’m glad we didn’t pay full price for it.

2 teeth