225 E 7th Ave. Denver, CO 80203(303) 832-4778 mizunadenver.com

One of my favorite meals of all time. The food here is not to be believed. Partly because it’s in Denver of all places. But trust me when I say that Denver is a better culinary city than one might think. We had a number of fantastic meals there and Mizuna was at the top of the top.

For my appetizer I had the lobster mascarpone mac & cheese and my god was it good. So good that I said “my god” and I don’t even believe in one. And yet this was good enough to make me want to have a god just so I can use the phrase.

That was followed by my main, duck with foie gras dirty rice. AKA, decadence on a plate and the best duck dish I’ve ever had. And finally I finished off with apple ginger beignets, worthy of giving Cafe du Monde in New Orleans a run for their money. So bright and sweet and how is my cholesterol still under 300 I have no idea.

And yes, again, this was in Denver.

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