The Ivy

113 N Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048 • (310) 274-8303 •

The valet parking is more impressive than the restaurant, hence the reason I chose the picture above. You get to see just about every exotic sports car on the planet, as well as a guaranteed star sighting. But if it’s food you’ve come for forget it. Nothing is worth mention. So mediocre I find it shocking that Hollywood royalty still bothers to eat here when they have the means to eat at far more expensive and exclusive restaurants. I can only assume that they do it because they are narcissistic and like being seen in vehicles that cost more than most people make in a year. Or maybe it’s contractual with their agents? Maybe they just like the shopping on Robertson and no one has told them yet that Newsroom Cafe across the street is WAY better? Whatever the case, my advice to you, unless you’re hoping to photo bomb a shot of Ryan Seacrest in People Magazine, don’t eat here. You can see everything you need to see simply by walking down the sidewalk. The cars are all parked out front on the street and the celebs are all sitting outside, just on the other side of that white picket fence.

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The Ultimate Setting


While you can’t eat necessarily eat your surroundings, with the exception of that room in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a true foodie must admit that it can be quite integral to a dining experience. So, this Ultimate is an ode to the clothes that make the man.

Chevre d’or – Eze, France

Set atop the picturesque castle town of Eze in Provence, this restaurant makes you feel as though you are attending a royal feast, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea from your medieval perch. Think Game of Thrones meets Michelin Stars.

Surrounded by such absolutely stunning views, it’s hard to imagine that anything else could possibly compete, until the food arrives, with presentations that are equally mesmerizing in their own right.

Even the parking lot is jaw-dropping, loaded with Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and Aston Martins.


Blue Hill at Stone Barns – Pocantico Hills, NY

It’s tough to compete with the South of France, but a 1000 acre Rockerfeller farm estate isn’t exactly something to sneeze at. And by farm I mean the poster child for farm to table. Quite literally the ingredients come from the farm just outside your spectacular dining room window.

But what makes the dining room so extraordinary isn’t just the view of the farm. It’s the beautiful marriage of old and new. On the outside, the stone barn building feels like it did centuries ago, having been lovingly preserved all of these years just for foodie-kind. But on the inside, oh on the inside it’s even more beautiful if that’s even possible. A minimalist, modern twist on farmhouse décor, with gracefully bowing iron beams that arch their backs over you head. Soothing earth tones and wood meet soft white walls adorned with art. And then come the platings. A masterful clinic on presentation like you’ve never seen. Custom made trellis arches show off their bountiful garden. Planks of wood boast an arsenal of spears, each skewering a different treat. I could go on and on and on, so it’s probably just a good idea for you to just make a reservation at this point.