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Food markets such as the Grand Central Food Market seem to be all the rage as of late, and I must admit I’ve taken the bait just as much as the next lemming. They’re sort of like a UN of cuisine. But giving myself a modicum of credit, I don’t love them simply because of the gimmick. They still have to live up to my high standards, regardless of the fact that they are housed in a cool, modern-day bazaar, with great energy. So no favoritism and no slack here. You either bring it or I pan it.

So as much as I would like to pan the pizza here, I found myself pleasantly surprised, especially in light of the fact that great LA pizza is about as rare as meeting a waiter who isn’t also an actor.

In descending order of greatness, at the top of the totem pole sits the spicy sausage and hot peppers. Obviously if you’re a vegetarian, vegan or just don’t like the thrill of fireworks in your mouth, then this pie should be a pass. But I have to say, it’s your loss, because it’s everything a pizza was meant to be and more.

But don’t lose hope just yet, because their roasted veggie pie (pictured) is also very good. Letting the quality of their ingredients shine, this pie is full of flavor and topped with a nice, peppery arugula. It’s a little more basic for sure, but it’s bangin’ basic. As is the mushroom and speck, which is a slight dial away from the usual mushroom and pepperoni. And a tasty dial it is.

The only pie that didn’t quite make the grade, however, was the old classic margherita. It was significantly lacking in flavor compared to the others, which perhaps points to a greater weakness in the sauce and the crust. After all, that’s the true measure of a pie and why LA pies never truly measures up to New York standards, because they always seem to have to cheat their way to the top via toppings. And to be fair, I honestly don’t mind it, because toppings have their place too (on top). But a strong foundation is everything and it’s also what’s holding LA back from ever being a real contender in the pizza game. That goes for you too Mozza.

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68 la Croisette Cannes, France • 04 93 94 08 28

Once upon a time Vesuvio erupted with awesome. But lately it tastes more like they’ve imploded. The service is bad and the pizza is worse. In fact, you can even see that the waiters are just calling it in on their faces, worn down, bored or simply resting on the laurels of their successful past so heavily those laurels are about to snap like a twig, if they haven’t already.

It pains me to say it though, as I have had a number of great meals here over the years, but the ingredients just aren’t what they were and the pies suffer because of it. Fortunately La Pizza at the other end of the Croissette is picking up the slack.

But if you don’t feel like hiking it all the way to the other end of Cannes, or you’re simply too inebriated to pull off that many sequential feats of one foot in front of the other, than here’s what we used to get there; either the sausage pie or the Quattro. Along with a mixed or Greek salad. After a night of binge drinking it’s probably just as well that you go here because your tastebuds are probably too alcohol logged to care anyway.

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