Lugo Cucina

1 Penn Plz New York, NY 10119(212) 760-2700


I know it doesn’t seem possible, but there’s actually a pretty nice restaurant in Penn Station. Well, not IN, in, but definitely attached to the building and definitely not a secret, because it was pretty packed at lunch hour. Mostly with a business crowd, but it’s actually the staff who means business, pouncing on you like an over-caffeinated personal trainer trying to coax you through your dining experience faster than if you were on a lubed conveyor belt, dialed to eleven and hooked up to nitrous packs. So don’t go here to linger, because if you do, you’re liable to get stressed out or thrown out.

Our belligerent waiter aside, the focaccia they serve at the start is nice and moist, and the gnocci, while varied depending on the season was pretty solid. Word on the street is that their meatballs (pictured) are quite ridonkulous as well, but currently that is only hearsay. And lastly, they also sport a decent wine list both by bottle and by glass with a décor that’s surprisingly tasteful for the Madison Square Garden locale (which essentially means the absence of any Knicks or Rangers paraphernalia).

So get in. Mangia! And get out. You kinda don’t have a choice.

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