Çiftlik Garden

Yaliciftlik Mevkii No:42, Yaliciftlik 48400 , Turkey • +90 252 368 9232


Located on the South side of the Bodrum Peninsula, just outside of the city there is an area called Yali that boasts a Kempinski hotel a Club Med and a seemingly charming little family-owned pide restaurant. I say seemingly because while the setting is quite beautiful with the grape barber over your head and the sunflower field next to your table, once the pide arrives, so does a swarm of bees. And we’re not talking about a few little nuisances with wings. We’re talking http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac20YWRjvrQ

But apart from nearly being stung to death, the pide was just okay. Made fresh with ingredients presumably right from the farm as the name suggests, but the net, net was nothing better than I’ve had in Turkbuku or Bodrum, making the long drive unworthy. That said, their homemade crushed red pepper definitely deserves a shout out. It has much more flavor than usual and a sweetness to it that makes you want to go crazy with the stuff. And so we did, putting mounds of it on everything.

The place also has a nice play area for kids to blow off some steam (or escape from bees as the case may be) and the service, while a touch rough around the edges being that our server was a 12 year old boy, was helpful and friendly, bringing us smoldering coffee grinds to help ward off the attack. And while it certainly helped thwart about 60% of the bees, it wasn’t enough to make sticking around for dessert worth while.

That said, a visit would be much more worth while during the off season when the bees aren’t looking for dinner themselves.

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