Aqua Blu Café

Lambi Beach, Kos Town 85300, Greece • 30 22420 22440 •


Kos is sort of like Daytona Beach with a speckling of Greek ruins. Touristy crap for sale in virtually every store and beaches out the whazoo. But if you know where to look, just like almost anywhere, there are diamonds in the rough. The Aqua Blu Hotel is that diamond in Kos.

Set apart from the main town and away from the touristy chaos, this beacon of modernity and style is a breath of fresh air. And the food here is a taste of fresh air?

Unfortunately their fine dining optoion, Cuvee is closed for lunch, but their café is nothing to sneeze at, boasting a nice bounty of delicious options, starting with their drinks and an inventive twist on a Pimm’s Cup, made with fresh cucumbers and strawberries, taking an already refreshing summer drink and making it even more so.

The bread is served with a delicious olive oil and a flavorful red pepper hummus. And I wish I could go on and on, but unfortunately we weren’t starving, so we each only had an entrée. No apps or dessert. But from what I can tell from my abbreviated sampling, they are probably good as well.

We had the grilled chicken salad with feta. Basic, but good for what it’s supposed to be.

And the other dish was the tagliatelle with octopus, tomato and olive. Flavor-wise it was very good. Presention-wise, however, they committed a cardinal sin, chopping up the pasta into tiny little squares. In fact the entire dish was like this. It was like the pasta version of the restaurant Chop’t. Oh well, at least it tasted good.

3 teeth