112 Eatery

112 N 3rd St. Minneapolis, MN 55401(612) 343-7696112eatery.com


Oh my friggin’ wow! I was not expecting this. Sure, I was hopping for it to be good, but this place in the Little Apple could easily hold its own in the Big Apple.

Perhaps the most mind-blowing of the dishes was the fresh ricotta with honey and white truffle oil. Simple? Yes. Simply amazing? Hells yes!

The lamb scottadito with mint yogurt and the pasta with foie gras meatballs were also both very good, but the other big standout of the night was the burger. Crazy good. But the key is to put the pickles on the burger and not eat them separately. The sweetness mixed with the salty brie, on that Portuguese roll… Trust me.

4 teeth