Memedof Fish Restaurant

Gerisalti Mevkii Çökertme Cad. 42, Bodrum (Yalikavak), Turkey ‎• +90 252 385 4646 ‎ •


There are two in the Bodrum area. We ate at the one in Yalikavak, which has a MUCH nicer setting.

The food, however, is quite overrated. Sure, some of their mezes are great. The fava bean puree, the grilled octopus and the seafood dolma with cheese were definitely highlights.

But there were also a TON of misses. The mediye doma was bland by comparison to the ones you get from the guys walking around with the carts in Turkbuku. The seaweed salad was extremely blah. So much so that we had to add our own seasonings to it just to make it worth eating. The feta stuffed pappadew peppers were also nothing special. We make better ones at home. The smoked smelt and pickles were too dry. And the yogurt dishes and salad were a solid good. But it’s kind of hard to screw those up.

That said, the service was good and very friendly. And the sunset view was pretty stunning. Almost worthy of a star on its own if I was in a better mood, or if I were drunk enough on raki.

3 teeth