Divine Brine


When it comes to jarred pickles it’s pretty hard to get excited. Most of them pale in comparison to the ones you find at good, Jewish Delis, farmer’s markets and Fairway Supermarkets. But there is one that I would dare say holds its own against the best of the best.

Divine Brine is aptly named because heavenly they are. Sweet and mustardy and vinegary and awesomey. As well as Brooklyny, but you can order them online I believe. That said, be warned, they are sliced the short way and they are bread and butter, not dill. And not half sour. But they are full-on kickass, making everything they touch better. Sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, salads, lobster rolls, straight up with wine and cheese- hell, they’re so good I wish I was a woman so I could get pregnant and then have them with ice cream. Okay, things got a little weird there, didn’t they?

5 teeth