4A Upper Stret Martin’s Lane London WC2H 9NY United Kingdom Covent Garden • +44 20 3764 0840 •


I so love the vibe here. The moment you walk in you’re hit with the palpable energy of a live pianist striking the ivories beneath a huge clock made out of knives, hanging two stories up on an exposed brick wall. Apparently Marcus Wareing knows how to make an entrance!

He also knows how to make a mean steak, the hangar easily being the best thing we had, cooked like a pro and made even bestier by the braised shallots and a crack-like peppercorn sauce.

The other dish worthy of adulation is the duck. An off-menu prep that sings like a choir boy on Ecstasy, trying out for The Voice while getting simultaneous purple nurples on both pecs. In other words, it was good.

Beyond that though, I found most of the other dishes to be a bit of a let down, from the buratta with romesco and pardon peppers to the pumkin ravioli in hazelnut sauce to the truffled mac and cheese. Okay, so that last one was pretty decent, but nothing you wouldn’t expect to find at a dozen million other places far less schamncy than this. So no points there.

No points for the chocolate cake or the lemon square either. But hells yeah! on the salted caramel soft serve parfait thingy. I just about got my face stuck in the glass.

3 teeth


656 Ave of the Americas • New York, NY 10010(646)


I find it fitting somehow that this Grimaldi’s is located in a church, because in New York, pizza is basically a religion. Granted the Limelight is better known as club than a church, but regardless, this is the best thing to happen to the Limelight since ecstasy.

Some advice, however, resist the temptation to try and get too creative or tricky with the pie. This is a place for the purists. Go plain or pepperoni and mushroom. One or two toppings max. Otherwise you cover up what makes these pies stand out above the rest. If you want more inventive pies you’re in the wrong place.

Also, a little known secret- even their cannoli’s are pretty insane. Haven’t had one better since Mike’s in Boston, and that’s saying a lot.

5 teeth