124 N Park Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789(407)


Apparently this is quite the hotspot for middle-aged singles. That said, I wasn’t there in the evening to witness such entertainment, nor am I on the market as a middle-aged single to appreciate it. But if I were, not sure a pizza place would be where I’d go.

That said, the pizza and the décor are well worth appreciating. I split two pies with a friend, the Diavolo and the Salsiccia and both were very good. My favorite being the Salsiccia, which was a recommendation by our waiter who was quite knowledgeable about everything on the menu down to the slightest nuances of each preparation (which allowed me to forgive the fact that he was afflicted with chronic clumsiness).

And being right on Park Ave, the location can’t be beat. A great place to stop during a busy shopping jaunt.

And word on the street is that their pastas are also quite good. And that their chicken wings are redonkulous. But that’s only hearsay, so don’t actually take it from me. Same goes for the dating scene, so don’t write me nasty letters if you don’t get lucky.

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