Blue Plate

1415 Montana Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90402 • (310) 260-8877 •


Great addition to the walkable Santa Monica scene. Think of it as a little taste of Cape Cod far, far from home. From the decor to the food, this place has it down.

They also have good beer, fresh oysters and terrific red curry mussels (be sure to ask for extra bread to sop up the sauce- like an entire loaf maybe). And stick the landing with a pretty amazing Key Lime Pie. That’s the makings for a pretty happy mouth right there.

The only let down is the Lobster Roll. Not that it was flat out bad, I mean c’mon, it’s lobster meat piled on a hotdog bun, but compared to the Northeast, it’s just “eh.” However, if you’re nursing a lobster roll fix and the only thing that will cure it is more cow bell, then it will definitely suffice.

3 teeth