Noho Star

330 Lafayette St. New York, NY 10012(212)


I haven’t actually been there. Only ordered delivery. But of the three things I had, two were a solid good, and one was flimsy miss.

First, the good. I enjoyed the Santa Fe crab cakes, although they didn’t have much crab in them. Mostly filler. But flavorful filler, fortunately. Guess they know their filler down in Santa Fe.

The other good thing I had was the 14 ingredient chopped salad. Similar to many a beet and walnut based salad, but chopped to all hell, not unlike something you’d get at a Chop’t, only a touch nicer.

And last but not least, the one that I had the highest hopes for, the tuna sashimi served on a potato pancake with wasabi crème fraiche. Sounds awesome, right? Sort of like a variation on hanabi. Well, one of the main problems is that they don’t know what sashimi means. They give you a chunk of tuna as thick as a ream of paper. It should be much, much thinner, because as a result, it’s too chewy and overwhelms the dish.  The other big issue, is the crème fraiche comes off tasting a lot more like mayo. Maybe because they put too much on. And while they heavied up on the créme, they skimped on the wasabi. Could barely even taste it. Plus, they also put seaweed salad in between the concoction, which only made the dish soggier still.

Nothing “amazeballs” as a friend of mine would say. But a nice big menu that delivers in the area should you need it. That said, so does Five Points right around the corner, so I’d go there first.

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Aqua Blu Café

Lambi Beach, Kos Town 85300, Greece • 30 22420 22440 •


Kos is sort of like Daytona Beach with a speckling of Greek ruins. Touristy crap for sale in virtually every store and beaches out the whazoo. But if you know where to look, just like almost anywhere, there are diamonds in the rough. The Aqua Blu Hotel is that diamond in Kos.

Set apart from the main town and away from the touristy chaos, this beacon of modernity and style is a breath of fresh air. And the food here is a taste of fresh air?

Unfortunately their fine dining optoion, Cuvee is closed for lunch, but their café is nothing to sneeze at, boasting a nice bounty of delicious options, starting with their drinks and an inventive twist on a Pimm’s Cup, made with fresh cucumbers and strawberries, taking an already refreshing summer drink and making it even more so.

The bread is served with a delicious olive oil and a flavorful red pepper hummus. And I wish I could go on and on, but unfortunately we weren’t starving, so we each only had an entrée. No apps or dessert. But from what I can tell from my abbreviated sampling, they are probably good as well.

We had the grilled chicken salad with feta. Basic, but good for what it’s supposed to be.

And the other dish was the tagliatelle with octopus, tomato and olive. Flavor-wise it was very good. Presention-wise, however, they committed a cardinal sin, chopping up the pasta into tiny little squares. In fact the entire dish was like this. It was like the pasta version of the restaurant Chop’t. Oh well, at least it tasted good.

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1164 Broadway New York, NY 10001(646) 449-8884 •


While I find the line to get into this place both absurd and unworthy, I do have to say that the food is actually pretty good. Fresh, healthy- Just not worth waiting in that line for. And we’re not talking like Chop’t, whose line actually moves quickly. We’re talking DMV. I mean, c’mon people, it’s salad, not a cronut!

Of the things I’ve had, 3 salads and 3 juices, I can say that all of the salads have been good. Juices, however, are much better at Terri and Juice Press (also in the hood). But of the salads, my favorite is the “wild rice bowl,” with no modifications. It’s so different from anything else in the “fast salad category,” if that subset even exists. Served warm with chicken and apple and goat cheese. It’s better than it sounds. Anyways, all of the salads leave you feeling full and guilt free. If only the experience were aggravation free between the long line and the fact that you have to remember to get your own napkins and utensils.

There is a way to make the line marginally less painful if you order ahead. Then the wait is only annoyingly long as opposed to ridiculously-wanna-punch-someone-in-the-crotch-stupid-long.

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