The Ultimate Deviled Eggs


The Libertine – Indianapolis

The deviled egg is peculiar dish, primarily because it seldom lives up to the intent of its name, which is to be hot-as-hell-spicy. But usually it’s packed with more “flavor” spice than “hot” spice, and thus the “devil” really only comes through in the form of “devilishly good.” And while it saddens me as a heat seeker, I am getting over it with the help of The Libertine.

Their eggs are not only incredible and edible, but they lie somewhere between heavenlish and devily. Made so with their wonderful balance of creamy blended yolk topped with jewels of savoriness. Jewels like caviar of sturgeon, salmon roe and whitefish salad. Each one more delightful than the next. And now that eggs aren’t the cholesterol bomb once feared (according to recent studies), you can feel free to order seconds with reckless abandon.


225 E 7th Ave. Denver, CO 80203(303) 832-4778

One of my favorite meals of all time. The food here is not to be believed. Partly because it’s in Denver of all places. But trust me when I say that Denver is a better culinary city than one might think. We had a number of fantastic meals there and Mizuna was at the top of the top.

For my appetizer I had the lobster mascarpone mac & cheese and my god was it good. So good that I said “my god” and I don’t even believe in one. And yet this was good enough to make me want to have a god just so I can use the phrase.

That was followed by my main, duck with foie gras dirty rice. AKA, decadence on a plate and the best duck dish I’ve ever had. And finally I finished off with apple ginger beignets, worthy of giving Cafe du Monde in New Orleans a run for their money. So bright and sweet and how is my cholesterol still under 300 I have no idea.

And yes, again, this was in Denver.

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