The Ultimate Muffin


The muffin has to be one of the best case studies of successful marketing in history. Simply with a name change they managed to get the world to find it permissible to eat what is essentially cake for breakfast. Well, hats off to marketing and hats off to the best muffin I’ve ever had.

Clinton Street Bakery – New York, NY

Assuming the muffin isn’t dry, you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a shitty muffin considering dryness seems to be the most common upending for muffin-kind. But moistness isn’t exactly the only thing that guarantees success either. Contrasting textures and flavors are a must for me. Soft through and through, while nice, also gets boring fast, that’s why Clinton’s Chocolate Chunk muffin excels, with its crunchy, crisp sugared top and soft, fluffy innards. But then it goes one better, moving further down the softness spectrum towards gooey, which the chocolate chunks bring in spades. Like the muffin version of City Bakery’s Chocolate Chip Cookie. So, if you should ever happen to be waiting for a table at this place, do yourself a solid and step up to the bakery case and get the Chocolate Chunk. In one bite you will forget all about the wait and find yourself lost in a chocolaty Calgon-like bliss.

Clinton Street Baking Company

4 Clinton St. New York, NY 10002 • (646) 602-6263


I REALLY didn’t want to like this place after waiting nearly an hour for a table with a pregnant wife and a two year old. Plus, we got there before it even opened and the wait was already that bad, with a  line out front. You’d think they were giving their food away!

So as we sat there and waited, my doubts started to brew, “It couldn’t possibly be worth it.” Like when you’re stuck in traffic and you tell yourself “There had better be an accident!”

Well, it was worth it. Although, I do have a strong suggestion to make the wait more tolerable. About halfway into it I went in and got a chocolate chunk muffin that was easily the best I’ve ever had. So incredibly moist and gooey- we devoured it in about 3 seconds, like a pack of ravenous hyenas.

Then, about 20 minutes after that, we finally got our table. I had the eggs benny, my son had the blueberry pancakes and my wife had the Spanish scramble. All were excellent. The Spanish eggs taking last place, but the ingredients in everything are so fresh that it’s hard not to swoon over every morsel.

The next time I go back though, I’m getting a baby-sitter. A one hour plus wait with a two year old on the sidewalk is not my idea of a relaxing Sunday brunch.

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