The Ultimate Octopus


Pearl & Ash – New York, NY

If you’ve ever had spare ribs at a Chinese restaurant, than you already have a glimpse into the brilliance that’s behind this dish. One bite of these tentacles and you will be placing your second order of them on the spot. Sorry, pork ribs, you just got schooled.

Animal – Los Angeles, CA

This restaurant is all over my Ultimates list and for good reason, they do a lot of things unbelievably well. And among them just happens to be some of the best pus you’ll ever put in your puss. Marinated in a seeded mustard sauce, then served up with a medley of peppers, onions and taters. It’s the heartiest octopus since Ursula in The Little Mermaid.

Garo’s – Turkbuku, TK

If it’s one thing the Turks know how to do well, it’s seafood. Case in point, Garo’s. But in true Turkish tradition, they don’t get cute with it. They tend to like their fish clean and simple. So, there’s really no opportunity for me to gush about the preparation, sadly enough. But there’s plenty of room to gush about the dish itself, because this octopus, while large, is served up so tender and warm you’d swear you were eating the movie Milo & Otis.

Gato – New York, NY

It would seem that Octopus is very en vogue these days, painting quite an amusing mental picture of an octopus vogue-ing like Madonna with all eight appendages. Well, joking aside, Bobby Flay is serving up some serious pus at Gato. Roasted (not grilled) in a tangerine vinaigrette with oregano and bacon, BACON, BACON!!! So tender and scrumptious I even used the word scrumptious against my better judgement.