534 Saint Louis St. New Orleans, LA 70130 • (504) 522-6652


BAM! That was the sound of my skepticism exploding. I mean Emeril Lagasse was obviously a talented chef once upon a time, but now that he’s become as over-exposed as Paris Hilton, the likelihood of him actually having any real influence on what goes on in the kitchen’s of his restaurants seems about as likely as the United States selling Louisiana back to the French for the same 4 cents per acre.

Speaking of great deals, I don’t think I’ve ever had meal this great for so little. I would’ve gladly paid double for the exact same meal. In fact, it was so inexpensive, I felt guilty only leaving 20% as a tip, especially when the service was as  exceptional as it was, so for the first time ever I tipped 35%. Not bragging, well, at least not about me. It’s more a commentary on the excellence of our server. Southern hospitality at its finest.

But not to be outdone by the service, the chef made New Orleans proud, dropping Ultimates like they were going out of style. The best oysters (Rockefeller) I’ve ever had in my life, loaded with bacon and about 15 other ingredients. Followed by the best dessert I’ve ever had in my life- bananas foster bread pudding with drunken monkey ice cream. The ice cream alone is Ultimate within an Ultimate. Other dishes were also very good like the cedar plank salmon, but compared to the previous mentions it was a mere mortal.

Now if it’s one thing New Orleans is definitely not short on, it’s great restaurants, but do yourself a solid and put this one toward the top of your list. It’s WAY better than K. Paul’s and blows the Commander’s Palace out of the oil polluted water. A class act top to bottom and I meal I will never forget.

5 teeth