Num Pang

21 E 12th St. New York, NY 10003(212) 255-3271


I’ve been going to Num Pang since they were one location in Union Square. And back then they definitely owned every last drop of these four knives. But since they’ve expanded all over the city, they have unfortunately lost a step. Granted it’s a small, baby step, but a step nonetheless.

Some of the enduring wows are the 5 spice pork belly and the hoisin meatballs. But with special sandwiches like the grilled peaches & bacon, duck, grilled salmon and meatloaf they keep things interesting.

Honorable mentions are in order for the tiger shrimp, the peppercorn catfish and brisket, which would’ve gotten more love if it wasn’t served so dry. But virtually every sandwich here rocks with its spicy, messy goodness seeping from the sides. Just don’t forget to grab some Sriracha.

On the non-sandwich front their hot & sour chicken soup is killer and their blood orange lemonade is a great accompaniment to any of the above.

Such a great option when you’re sick of the same old sandwiches, but still want a sandwich. One with a little Vietnamese/Cambodian Banh mi action.

4 teeth