Pomme Palais

New York Palace Hotel • 30 E 51st St. New York, NY 10022(212) 888-7000 • http://www.lottenypalace.com/dining/pomme-palais


Midtown has no shortage of great patisseries, but please add one more to the list, located inside the New York Palace Hotel, and loaded with some of the best eclairs (pictured), tarts and danishes one could ever hope to pork out on. Everything is so diet-cheating good, you will be 10,000 calories in the hole before you even know what hit your waistline. But things are not just a feast for the stomach, Pomme will have your eyes drooling as well, with treats so stunningly designed you almost feel guilty biting into them, like gnawing on the side of the Mona Lisa.

They also have a handsome array of savory options as well, and an assortment of interesting teas and coffee to wash them down with, but I can’t vouch for any of them, nor how deep the bench is here, but of the four desserts I did try, all were merveilleux! That’s apparently good according to Google Translate.

Even the store itself is a jewel, making you feel as if Louis Vuitton has gone into the restaurant business or something. So skip Paris Baguette and Le Pain Quotidien down the street and fork over the extra coin for something well worth it. In fact, I love this place so much I’ll probably be upping it to five knives soon, after a little more “research.” Mmmm… research…

4 teeth


Black Angus Steakhouse

3405 Carson St. Torrance, CA 90503 • (310) 370-1523blackangus.com


This place is everything wrong with America crammed into one building. It’s gluttony in every possible way imaginable. The booths are over-sized. The drinks are enormous. Quite literally my margarita was in a mug the size of a Super Big Gulp! And the menu is littered with a host of options all above 1000 calories a plate, with only a mere dusting of options below the 1k mark.

Everything is smothered in cheese and mayonnaise and butter.

The steak is sinewy and poor quality and the cowboy cookie tasted like something else that starts with the word “cow.”

The only things redeeming were the service and the bread.

I honestly wish I could drink Drano without dying, just so I could cleanse myself of that meal.

1 tooth