Pizzeria C’e

Türkbükü Mah. Gaffur Kaynar Cad.88 Sok. No: 11/A 48400 Bodrum, TK • +90 252 3776066pizzeriace.com


Never more does one have to trek all the way from Turkbuku into Bodrum for a decent slice. And while I’m not exactly sure they are as good as Vespa, they are a hell of a lot more convenient. That’s assuming you can get a table, of course, because it’s cok kucuk (Turkish for “very small”). Granted that’s also part of its charm. And the good news is that if you can’t get a table, you can always do take out.

Part of what makes the pies as good as they are is that the husband and wife who own the place took a trip to Italy specifically to learn how to make kick ass pizza! And I can’t think of a better reason to go to Italy, so props on the mission accomplished.

Of the three pizzas we tried, the sausage with chili peppers was the clear winner, getting a hefty boost from the heat delivered by those home grown chili’s. Look out though, because it’s WAY hotter than the typical red pepper flakes you get at your other pie places.

In second I would score the margherita. You really taste the freshness of all the ingredients from the crust to the sauce to the cheese and even the garden basil leafs on top. It’s not anything that would ever rival New York, but it has some game.

In last for me would be the pear and gorganzola white pie. The miss really coming from the lack of sweetness in the pears, which is supposed to cut the stank savoriness of the cheese. But it faintly shows up and leaves you with a clump of blue cheese on a crust, more or less.

Other things worth mention are the arugula salad with dried cranberries and walnuts and manchego. It was good, but more so as an accompaniment. Would never suggest it as a main event.

Also the bottle of cabernet we shared was quite good and decently priced, granted at three lira to the dollar, virtually every restaurant in Turkey is a bargain these days. I guess while military coups aren’t great for tourism and the economy, they do bode well for foodies. #silverlining

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928 Broadway New York, NY 10010(212) 777-2754 • obica.com


From the moment you set foot inside you realize you’re not in Stuzziccini anymore. Such an upgrade from the last tenant. Cool vibe. Contemporary, yet warm décor. Love the mozzarella bar idea. Service is surprisingly on point for such a newbie as well. Usually things are a bit more herky-jerky during the waking moments, but Obica manages to stick the landing.

And stick it they did, on a great wine list with terrific options south of a C-note. Rare in NYC. The other massive hit was the parpadelle with duck ragu and orange zest. Absolutely remarkable. Cooking perfectly al dente and the zest somehow managed to brighten the duck to a level where a normally heavy dish actually felt quite light. You need this. Trust me.

But Obica is not a runaway success either. I expected more from a place with it’s own, self-proclaimed Mozz Bar, but tragically the two biggest misses for me both involved mozzarella of all things.

The first miss being the caprese salad (pictured). I found the cheese to be a bit hard and flavorless. You can get much better, MUCH creamier mozz at Eataly up the street. And the tomatoes were in dire need of salt to bring them to life.

The second miss was the pizza, and while full of flavor, it was ruined by placing ice cold burata on a piping hot pie, creating a hot-cold oral quandary.

The pineapple carpaccio closer was also somewhat unimpressive, which is more our fault for ordering it I suppose, but we were full and wanted something light, so it checked the box. Just wish the lemon sorbet was creamier as opposed to icy. A theme brewing perhaps? Guess I’ll have to investigate further on my return visit.

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