Bel Cafe

801 W Georgia St. Vancouver, BC V6C 1P7 Canada(604)


Just off the corner of the Rosewood Hotel there is a café of cool, because apparently that’s just how the Rosewood rolls. Average don’t play in these walls. Granted the Bel isn’t quite as refined as the hotel it calls home, but what it lacks in posh, it makes up for in vibe, with young, hip, attractive shoppers huddled around the lattes and noshes.

Of the lattes, I tried the chocolate chai latte and sadly it was a far cry from the one at Bread and Cocoa in San Francisco, but to be fair, that’s the best latte I’ve ever had in my life. On the upside, the blueberry scone was mighty good. Fresh and not too dry, which is the bane of scone existence.

Can’t say much beyond that though, but from my limited sample of eyesdropping (eavesdropping with the eyes), I noticed quite a few lookers on the plates of my fellow patrons, not to mention in the glass case (pictured). Enough to feel comfortable with giving this place an assumptive three knives.

3 teeth


Anderson Bakery

50 Post St. San Francisco, CA 94108(415)


Not sure what standards people are judging these croissants by on Yelp, but it’s clearly a highly delusional one. The almond croissants are WAY too bready. Like something you’d find at virtually any chain in the airport. This doesn’t even make my top 100. Hell, Au Bon Pain is better!

In fact, I don’t even live in a major city and my local bakery makes an almond croissant that would make Andersen himself cry. Granted, it’s also one of the best croissants I’ve ever had, period, including Paris and New York, but enough about better places that are too far away to do you any good.

My closer recommendation, walk around the corner to Bread & Cocoa. It’s the real deal.

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