The Slanted Door

1 Ferry Bldg. Ste 3 San Francisco, CA 94111(415) 861-8032 •


Incredible location with a killer view of The Bay. Cool decor and good service. And for those who say it’s pricey, I can’t agree. At least not by NYC standards. The name sounds a touch on the racist side however, but since no one else seems offended by it I guess I’ll roll.

The food, depending on what you order, can also be impressive, which inherently implies it’s a bit hit and miss. For example:

Vegetarian spring roll: miss
Slanted Door roll: miss
Imperial roll: Oh My Fucking Good!
BBQ Ribs: Solid
Clams app: blah
Squid App: Killiscious!
Spicy vermicelli: Just okay.
Lemongrass Chicken: Eh.
Catfish: Best of all

So, my advice, order wisely. Or order a lot. We obviously did, but to be fair their were six of us, including Biz Stone. Not that he eats a lot. This is jus a gratuitous name drop to boost the views of this post. But it is true. He was there. And hopefully he will retweet the review, assuming he agrees with it.

3 teeth