Villa Blanca

9601 Brighton Way Beverly Hills, CA 90210(310)


I had dinner and drinks here with a friend and I have to say I was pretty impressed. First of all, the location is awesome if you’re doing a little high end shopping on Rodeo Drive.

The decor is very cool. clean, white, silver and mirrors. And the wait staff ain’t too shabby either. Both the men and women are either aspiring models or should be. But not snooty about it, which was refreshing.

And as for the food, a pleasant surprise once again. From the fresh baked bread and tapenade to the awesome burrata caprese salad that might just rival Capo’s, which is high praise coming from such a Capo lover as myself. My entree was just okay. But that’s probably my own fault for ordering such a basic dish as Fra Diablo. And last but not least, the peach berry cobbler for dessert was awesome, both in size and in taste. Easily enough to feed 4 people. Or 8 if they are being self conscious because the staff is so intimidatingly thin and beautiful.

4 teeth