Laguardia Airport Terminal C • Gate C39 • East Elmhurst, NY 11371


Set apart from the rest of the iPad ordering lot, you will find one last hold out, closer to the end of Terminal C in LaGuardia. It’s still guilty of the same impersonal iPad-server interface, but at least the food is slightly better. And by slightly I mean the difference between The Hangover and The Hangover 2. In other words, virtually imperceptible.

The wine is served warm, for some strange reason, and so are the sweet, soft Marcona almonds, which are vastly different from regular almonds, or roasted for that matter, in case you’ve never had them. They are actually a touch chewy, more like fresh almonds, making them a novel treat that’s not all that easy to come by state-side, being that they are much more common in Europe.

The other slightly okay thing on the menu was the white pizza. A bit chewy (like the almonds- perhaps a theme is brewing?), but better than one might expect in terms of flavor. Granted those are the low expectations talking.

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8474 Melrose Ave. West Hollywood, CA 90069 (323)


I think the legalization of medical marijuana is the only possible explanation as to how this place got 4 stars on Yelp. Either that or people only voted on the decor and service, both of which are great.

But the food!?! Are you kidding me?! What a waste of taste buds. The best thing we had were the olives & almonds (pictured) that come with the bread. Neither of which they actually make. Everything else was lacking. The ricotta dumpling app being the only solid good. The soft shell crab app being “eh.” The scallop entree tasted fishy and the other flavors in the dish simply didn’t work with the mollusks, better on their own. And the short rib entree was equally underwhelming. Cooked well, but simply lacking flavor. The sum of its seemingly delicious sounding parts netting out to be a heavy mush reminiscent of dog food.

So, why did we order dessert you ask? Because, we were hoping for some form of redemption. Unfortunately, it never came. Both the caramel tart and the creme fraiche cake were as equally bland as everything else.

Guess I should’ve known better as I was equally nonplussed by AOC. Oh well, at least I spared the wife from the disappointment.

2 teeth