SF Uncork’d

San Francisco International Airport Terminal 3 San Francisco, CA 94128sfuncorkd.com


Only in the San Francisco airport would you have a wine bar serving flights of wine in candelabras. How ridiculous…ly wonderful! I love San Francisco for this.

That said, while the wines were very tasty, the food offerings were meek, and marginally passable. I would’ve given them MUCH higher props if they’d’ve just had real food on the menu. Or at the very least, substantive small plates. As is, the imbalance will get you wine-drunk faster than you can say “I’m late for my plane!”

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Napa Farms Market

San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 2 780 S Airport Blvd. San Francisco, CA 94128 • (650) 821-9312 • http://www.tastesonthefly.com/airports/sfo


I have to say, SFO knows how to stock an airport filled with options that feel more like an upscale shopping mall as opposed to a dying strip mall in the backwoods of Alabama.

Case in point, Napa Farms Market. Loaded with organic, all natural options, the place is like a treasure trove of traveling treats. And what I had was good. Just a bagel with lox, cream cheese, capers and cucumbers. Simple, I know, but outside of New York it’s a dish that has gone wrong more times than I can count.

Beyond that there’s a bakery and juices and wine and cheeses. I would happily go to this place even if it wasn’t in an airport. But because it is, and the competition is virtually non-existent, I gotta go four.

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