The Ultimate Risotto


Risotto is like the caviar of pasta. And yes, I’m aware that it’s actually rice, but it tastes more like pasta and this is my blog, so drop it. Now as I was saying, it’s awesome. So rich and creamy and artery clogging- and easy to fuck up. I have had more poorly cooked risotto dishes in restaurants than any other dish in existence. At restaurants all up and down the hoity-toity scale. And it saddens me that one of the best places to ever make it in the world is no longer open for business. Fraiché in Los Angeles (RIP). Fortunately, the other one is.

L’Affable – Cannes, FR

Now they don’t always have it on the menu, but if they do, order it. I don’t care what’s in it, just order it. Even if you’re allergic to it. Pop a pill or get 911 ready to go on speed dial. It’ll be worth it. Not just because it is cooked masterfully, but because the chef pulls a richness out of it that is incomparable to anything you’ve ever had, regardless of what’s in it. It could be a simple asparagus risotto and I swear you’ll find it every bit as substantial as pork belly or short ribs. Part of his secret is the beef stock he uses. The other secret is that he’s a really phenomenal chef. So next time you’re in Cannes, down on your luck because you didn’t win anything at the award show, order a bowl of his risotto and you’ll forget all about those silly trophies.