Below is my rating system. Knives in place of stars. Five being the highest and one being the lowest. No halfsies. Also, one additional caveat. I rate things based on what they are, so a five knife burger joint doesn’t mean it’s on par with the French Laundry. It simply means it is the best of what it’s supposed to be. Apples to apples people.

5 teeth Top notch. Unforgettable. Usually boasts an Ultimate. Among the best of the best for whatever it is that it’s supposed to be.

4 teeth Excellent. The hits outweigh the misses. Consistently strong all around. And might even have an Ultimate under its belt.

3 teeth I like it. It might be a little hit and miss, but the overall experience nets out as a positive for me.

2 teeth Overrated. Not worth a special trip. Not terrible either, but there are dozens of other places more deserving of your hard-earned cash.

1 tooth    Terrible. A complete waste of your time and calories. I’d rather eat bull testicles and sheep intestines again. And yes, there was a first time.

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