The Ultimate Brownie


Sherry B Dessert Studio – Chappaqua, NY

The Dulce de Leche brownie at Sherry B’s is so damn good I’d swear she figured out a way to use orgasms as an ingredient. The buttery, gooey sensation when you bite into this god-like rectangle is almost not to be believed. Pushed as far as one could possibly go on the richness scale before turning disgusting (a la Fat Witch), it just makes it to that hairline threshold of “now I know why I was given a mouth.”

Greensquare Tavern – New York, NY

While a Blondie is debatable as a brownie, versus a glorified rectangular chocolate chip cookie, this Blondie manages to make me care less about such things, because whatever it is, it’s just good ass good. Moist, chocolaty, chunky, awesomey. Without going grainy and sugary.

Pret-A-Manger-New York, NY

I know. I know… Pret? Really? REALLY. I mean think about the level of difficulty here. To be able to mass-produce a brownie THIS good is worthy of note in my eyes. This densely packed parallelogram of chocolaty gusto deserves nothing but respect. Done with a dark chocolate that yields a bitterness to it almost as if there might also be a hint of coffee in there somewhere. But whatever it is, I stand my ground.