Half Moon

1 High St. Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522(914) 693-4130 • halfmoonhudson.com


I’ve took me a while to muster up the cojones to try this place. Sure, the location is obviously amazing being that it’s right on the Mighty Hudson (pictured), but after reading the reviews and having a very lack-luster experience at Harvest on Hudson (which seemed to be cut from a similar cloth), I was in no hurry.

But now that I’ve gone, I’m happy to say that I’m glad I finally went. Not that the place is stellar by any stretch, but it’s nice for a drink or a casual lunch, especially when it’s warm enough to sit outside. And the food, while hit and miss, proved to be a hit on the lobster roll as far as I’m concerned. Much, much better than the majority you’ll find in Westchester. And while it looks like it’s going to be mayonnaise heavy, it’s actually quite lemony, which keeps it light. The crab cakes are okay and the salad- well, let’s just say this isn’t the place to get salad. I did, after all, say it was hit and miss.

Also, the chocolate volcano was a bit lame as well. Not atrocious per se, but not a true volcano either. Like I said, go for the view and a casual lunch or drinks, but leave the high expectations for places like The Cookery.

3 teeth

The Parlor

14 Cedar St. Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522 • (914) 478-8200 • theparlordf.com


If this was just about the food, it’d be an easy 5 knives. After all, ever since The Cookery opened, this chef can do no wrong in my eyes. That said, apparently the rest of his staff can…

From the moment we sat down our problems began, mainly because the seats we sat down on weren’t clean and my wife wound up staining her silk skirt on oily mushrooms left on her chair! Fortunately it was black silk, so it should hide it well. If not, should the owner be reading this, we might be sending you the DC bill.

But that was only the fair warning, which we failed to heed. Next came the pies, but not the beer I had asked for. And upon looking over at the bar, some ten minutes later, I witnessed the bartender at the far end, chatting up some friend, with no intentions of pouring my pint. But wait, it’s worse than that. He didn’t even pour it. All he did was open a bottle and hand it over with an empty glass- and the waitress didn’t even bother to poor the beer either. Nor did she ever clear the empty bottle from our over-crowed tiny table.

All this said, the pies were great, but we knew they would be as we have had them prior at The Cookery and at the Chappaqua Farmer’s Market (highly recommend the lemon- yes “lemon” pizza, and the asparagus pie). So, knowing how good the CHEF is, we pressed on for dessert, which was also pretty great. The oatmeal, bacon cookie with vanilla gelato. Great combo of flavors. Sadly, however, they managed to screw this up too, by serving it with 2 out 4 dirty side plates!!!

At this point I was almost a bit grossed out to be honest, as I started to fear for myself and my family as I sincerely doubt that this place meets health codes. I mean I totally get the grunge/dirty vibe of the decor, but taking it to the seats and the plates is pushing it.

3 teeth

The Cookery

39 Chestnut St. Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522(914) 305-2336thecookeryrestaurant.com


You should just take your socks off before the eating here, because they’re about to get blown off.

Apart from the best Osso Bucco I’ve ever had, they also make an amazing pasta with the very same pork, a killer quince salad, great octopus and two desserts that are out of this world, the chocolate polenta and the budino, which is done more like a bread pudding- no argument here.

And best of all, you can down every last bite with a stellar bottle of Amarone for only 60 bucks! And it’s in Westchester! Pinch me (just not on the tush, I’m a married man).

Seriously, this place honestly rivals every Italian restaurant I’ve eaten at in the city, which includes L’Artusi, Mailiano, Babbo, Del Posto, Lupa, Ciano, Carbone, Torrisi  and so on… The only thing we ever had that was a let down was the lasagna, too creamy and one note.

Also, one other small nit. Some people find the noise level a bit loud. For me, I let it slide, granted it does make it harder for you to hear yourself mmm-ing.

As for decor it seems like a bit of a missed opportunity to be fair, but with food this good, your eyes are usually closed most of the time anyways, savoring every last bite.

5 teeth

The Ultimate Osso Bucco


The Cookery – Dobbs Ferry, NY

When you go to an Italian restaurant the first thing on most people’s minds is pasta. Maybe pizza. Maybe a caprese salad. But very seldom is an osso bucco top of mind. Well, if you ever should happen to find yourself near Dobbs Ferry, NY (Hometown of Mark Zuckerberg), then I strongly suggest you make a stop inside The Cookery for some, you guessed it, osso bucco.

This thing is fall off the bone pork perfection. And yes, I tend to drop alliteration when I get excited. It is so moist and full of flavor, it’s enough to make brisket and short ribs jealous.

And best of all, you pair this baby up with a bottle of Amarone for only $60 (which is unheard of in a restaurant), and it’s game over.