Av. Ignacio Zaragoza esq. 16 de Septiembre, Cabo San Lucas 23450, MX • 624-1-43-37-30


From the moment you walk in, you can tell the place is special. The décor is warm and charming with it’s wrought iron railing and tasteful art. And the vibe manages to somehow honor both Italy and Mexico at the same time.

As for the service, it was very friendly and accommodating, but unfortunately the kitchen is a tad slow, so don’t go if you’re in a hurry.

That said, the kitchen takes its time for a reason- some of the dishes are simply incredible. So good that you will forget you are in Mexico. For example, the eggplant parmesan is easily on par with the best I’ve ever had. The pastas were also fantastic. And the special catch, Halibut, was incredible. Unfortunately, the veal was a big miss, as was the caprese salad and the antipasta platter.

Would’ve tried dessert, but because everything took so long, we just ordered ice cream for the kids thinking that would be quicker, but even that took forever to prepare, for some unknown reason.

Also, one other watch-out to consider, because they have a beautiful open façade, with wrought-iron and ivy, while it makes for a wonderful setting, if you are sitting next to it, prepare to hear lots of engine noise from the street, as well as to breathe in lots of exhaust. 😦

So all in all, a positive experience, but not without its detractors.

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Nick San

Blvd. Marina lote 10 local 2 plaza de la Danza Cabo San Lucas, MX • (624) 14 324 91 •

Clean modern décor. Friendly service. And best of all, a taste of Mexico, without the same old shit stuffed in a tortilla or taco shell. After all, you can only eat so many tacos, burritos, enchiladas, fajitas and quesadillas before you realize it’s all the same ingredients just reshuffled around in different configurations.

So, this was a nice change of pace, without being a total departure from its roots. What I mean by that is that while Nick San is definitely Japanese, there is a Mexican twist on many dishes. For example, the Tuna Sashimi served on a tostada with avocado. It was excellent. Or the yellowtail served in a basil herb sauce that was light and refreshing. Or the baked lobster roll with mango. The yellowtail with Serrano peppers and yuzu sauce. Everything was great. And not just as an escape. If this place were in NYC, I’d happily go. Often.

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The Ultimate Eggplant Parmesan


Who doesn’t love a killer egg parm? Assholes, that’s who. So this post is for all of you egg-parm-loviin’-non-assholes out there.

Lincoln – New York, NY

It’s hard not to get distracted when you’re at Lincoln. By the décor. The tempting menu. The gorgeous presentations. But do yourself a solid and don’t miss this epic side. Sure, you might not be that hungry, but trust me, you need this.

Shaved ultra thin like a carpaccio, this eggplant manages to be everything you could ever wish for. It’s crispy and gooey. Savory and sweet. With just the perfect hint of acidity. A true work of art, and rightly so, considering the location.

Alcaravea – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Yes, Mexico. And I’ve been all over Italy, but this egg parm is better. And I am not alone on this one. I have back up. Everyone at the table was blown away. And for good reason. It was mind blowing. Sure, it might take them an hour to get it to your table, but at least it’s worth the wait.

Served rolled over on itself like pastry, this thing compounds the eggplants texture, making it much more substantial per bite. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that all of the ingredients from the tomatoes and herbs to the cheese and eggplant are so fresh, they literally pop in your mouth like a two year old begging for attention.


Hidalgo s/nBetween Boulevard Marina & Emiliano Zapata, Cabo San Lucas 23456, Mexico • 52 624 1434143

The place was woefully empty when we went, which had us very nervous at first. But, being the only table in the place ensured that we had excellent service. Every waiter and even the owner tended to our every need.

But that is only a fraction of why the score is so high. The décor is also beautifully and thoughtfully done. Tasteful, clean, contemporary meets rustic. The wood doors alone are worth mention. So are the bathrooms. Every detail was thought through on this place. Which only made it even more upsetting that they were empty.

So now you have to be thinking, “okay, so the food had to suck.” But that’s what’s so crazy. It was EXCELLENTE! The Tapas was fantastic. From the shrimp to the octopus to the Manchego and Serrano Ham.

And as for entrees, the duck with cranberry relish was phenomenal. The only miss of the night was the paella. Very bland.

Even both desserts were perfection. One was a chocolate mousse. The other was a cinnamon dusted cream tart-like thing with ice cream. Not sure exactly what it was, but I devoured it before ever learning to pronounce it.

I HIGHLY recommend this place. My favorite meal in Mexico. Please give them business, as it would be a crime for this place to disappear with so many other lack luster places in town, that are packed with tourists eating the same old Mexican slop that you find at 98% of the restaurants there.

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Penny Lane

Camino Del Colegio S/N | Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas 23400, Mexico • Phone: 526241225560


I love this place! So charming. Something you’d expect to find in Santa Monica, CA. Trendy, yet quaint, with its patio roofed by an open lattice of dark wood beams, adorned by an eclectic mix of lanterns.

The server was very warm and attentive.

And the food was stellar. A range of brunch usuals that you’d expect to find in virtually any place of its kind, but made with farm to table ingredients, so everything is delicious. Even the juices and smoothies are great. As is the complimentary blueberry muffin, which is the “bread.”

I had the eggs benny, which was solid. Served with a yummy potato salad that boasted a local spin on ingredients (black beans, cilantro, corn).

But my son had the winner- the French toast with vanilla caramelized bananas. Deadly.

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